MediLUX LED Light Therapy

MediLUX is the latest evolution in complete LED technology to join the LUX Series range of clinical grade devices at The Global Beauty Group.

Researched and developed by our expert team, MediLUX delivers unprecedented service power and treatment scope — allowing clinicians to push their LED service potential higher than ever before.

With 5 LED wavelengths, clinicians can target and address a greater number of skin concerns and meet a wider range of client objectives.

5 treatment wavelengths

  • Blue (420nm) — Reduces sebaceous activity, breakouts and kills acne causing bacteria
  • Green (520nm) — Anti-inflammatory action to reduce swelling and strengthen capillaries
  • Yellow (590nm) — Increases skin hydration, thickness and delivers redness reduction
  • Red (633nm) — Encourages circulation and collagen production for age management
  • Near Infrared (830nm) — Boosts ATP for deep cellular regeneration and wound healing

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